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Split Basin Mixer Arc split basin faucet 33038

Split Basin Mixer Arc split basin faucet 33038

Product brand
golden age Guangdong Gaosheng Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd.
Product name
Face basin fission
Product model
Surface technology
Chrome color
Installation type
Table basin, bathtub cabinet
Net weight
Spool brand
wan hai
Spool type
Length of inlet pipe
Production place
kaiping shuikou
Functional features
Say goodbye to the single mode of faucet, can stretch at any length, 360 degree rotation: shampoo, brush teeth.It's so easy to wash your face and even use it as a shower.
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Product 7 advantages

Product introduction

1. Cast fine copper, polished chrome plating;
2. National standard electroplating;
3. Imported valve core is adopted;
4. Simple design and affordable price.
Fine copper subject : the main body of the dragon head is made of high-quality copper ingots, and adopts the most advanced gravity casting technology in the world.

A new type of throttling water mixer unique to the gubide faucet can save 30% of the flow through inflation. At the same time, the air injected with the bubble water can prevent flying residue, greatly improve the flow comfort. 
The precision imported ceramic spool is of diamond-like hardness.
The ceramic spool is of high quality and comfortable and light feel.
No maintenance, no wear and aging resistance.
Applicable to hard water, free from gravel or sand.
Laser temperature mark, the temperature scale is 1 clear, adjust the preset temperature as you like.
Noise level 1 makes it especially suitable for apartment homes, hotels and offices.
Nanometer paint technology is the mainstream paint technology used in carsA safe, green, high-tech spray plating technique.
Flexible joints simplify installation of taps.
With advanced electroplating process, the product has been processed through multiple electroplating layers of cupric acid, nickel and chromium. The electroplating layer has good combination, fine adhesion, uniform color and corrosion resistance, ensuring the product's surface luster and bright and lasting for a long time.
Lead standard :Meet the national GB/T1176 lead standard, do no harm to human health, protect you and your family to use products without harmful metal elements.
Product inspection:German Spectrometer, Japanese Film Thickness Meter and other advanced laboratory equipment are introduced, from raw material inspection to the auxiliary part of the test, the service life of the product, the thickness test of the sealing product surface coating, the flow direction of the product water-saving test, through strict inspection of each process, the operation standard of the whole experiment.

Company introduction

Guangdong Gaosheng Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd. sanitary ware, located in kaiping shuikou town, China, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of high-grade sanitary ware and sanitary fittings.By virtue of its simple and lively European style, Goldman sachs sanitary has attracted the attention of many fashion people at home and abroad.The company is committed to guiding the green environmental protection concept of Europe, actively advocating healthy water culture, with exquisite technology, and tirelessly pursuing good quality.

Guangdong Gaosheng Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of "quality determines life, service builds brand and efficiency creates benefit". It adheres to the principle of "customer is god" and "quality is the life of the enterprise".Excellent quality, professional service and reasonable price are our eternal goals.Passion makes dreams come true!Goldman sachs shines with you.


After-sales service

Product care guide

※ Cleaning products should be careful to avoid damage to the product surface;
※ Clean the surface of the product with clean water or a neutral cleaner and dry it with soft cotton cloth.
※ Do not use any abrasive cleaner that contains acid or coarse particles.Do not use polished abrasive, soap, rough cloth or paper towel
※ Cleaning nearby objects with an acid cleaner may damage the surface of the product.
※ Regular and regular cleaning products can reduce the need for large cleaning and polishing operations. For large cleaning operations, please follow the following procedures:
1. Use water and soft cotton cloth [as above] to remove as much dirt and scale film on the surface as possible.
2. Use any of the following cleaners to clean the hard-to-remove surface scale and stains:
    ◆ A mild liquid cleaner.  ◆ Colorless glass cleaner. ◆ Non-acidic, non-abrasive, mild liquid or powder detergent that can be completely dissolved [mix according to manufacturing instructions].    Polishing fluid free from wear.
3. After cleaning, please clean the product again with clean water to remove all cleaning agents and dry it with soft cotton cloth.


1. For the faucet, under low water pressure, the bubbler can be simply turned on, and the internal water throttle piece can be removed to increase the water flow of the faucet.
2. For cleaning products, the following brand of cleaner is recommended:
    ● SOFT99- advanced radiance water wax (Shanghai suote 99 chemical co., LTD.)
    ● Cif cleanser (Italian products)
    ● Polish green wax (major polishing material manufacturers)
3. Operation method of cleaning products:
    ● Rinse the product with clean water first.
    ● Spread the product evenly and thinly with a sponge or cotton detergent.
    ● After a little drying (5-10 minutes), wipe clean with a clean soft cotton cloth.
4. Cleaning time: it is recommended to clean every day (rinse with water and wipe with soft cotton cloth), and do a comprehensive cleaning within 5-7 days.


Instructions on after-sales service


Product quality is guaranteed for five years

Within the warranty period from the date of purchase, the following quality problems will be covered free of charge unless caused by human damage or chemical erosion.
◆ Rust corrosion;  ◆ The plating layer falls off;  ◆  Assembly problems;

If the above problems occur

if the above problems occur, the company's sales outlets can be repaired with valid vouchers;

In order to protect your rights and interests

In order to protect your rights and interests, please ask the dealer for valid sales vouchers at the time of purchase and keep them properly

After-sales service

In the purchase goods,if you encounter our product description not indicater or you can not from this product image in clear understanding about date(shape,size,use,metirias, color,Weight and other) please be sure to purchase prior to contact with us,reply you then to buy.At 0750-2728482 if you have any questions or need more services after you buy Goldman sachs products, we have a professional customer service staff to handle your after-sales service until you are satisfied.

Other services provided

※ Ordering various hardware accessories; 

※ develop new bathroom accessories required by customers;

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